These are Airbnb's that I have stayed at or visited in San Miguel De Allende most have a clean bed, hot water,  and are not fancy.  I look at a room as a place to sleep and not to spend to much time.  I like to be close to the center but not to close that it keeps me up at night.  I like simple, easy relaxing spots.   Some have a good views and some don't.  I stayed in Bedroom 9 with balcony and Central room with balcony overlooking the parish.  These two rooms are across the street from the Library and are very quiet after 10 pm.  I also stayed at  Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende which is five steps away from Jesus the jeweler we will visit on our tour.  Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende is good for a small family or two people that don't mind sharing a bathroom, its not a fancy place but it works.  I'm staying at the Hummingbird Property for the first time in 2024 because it seems like it will work for groups.    If you are looking for a fancy place the Rosewood is the hotel for you!  please check back to this page as I update the Mexico information.  I am constantly researching different options.   If you are interested in going on the Mexico trip please keep in mind Airbnb book up quickly in February because of the international writer convention in San Miguel each year.  

across from library:

Bedroom 9 with balcony


Central room 3 blocks from the parish church

Central room with balcony overlooking the parish

around block from library: 
Casa Amore Mio 2 blocks from downtown 

Casa Amor Mio 5 1 block from downtown

Near Juarez Park:

Hummingbird House

Hummingbird House with Terrace 3

Hummingbird House 1

Hummingbird house with balcony and terrace 6

Hummingbirds 6 central with balcony 

Casa los hummingbirds terrace overlooking 4

Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende (this is a two bedroom with a kitchen close to the Institute Allende about a five minute walk from center of the city)

Rosewood Hotel (very nice very expensive)