Welcome to MHG Jewelry Studio Experience , Specializing in Repairs, Redesigning,  Pearl and Bead Stringing, Jewelry therapy, and any other service related to working on jewelry.  

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About MHG Jewelry Studio Experience

For the past 38 years, Matthew Gross has dedicated himself to the jewelry industry. His journey began at just 15 years old when he started as an apprentice, in a small independent retail jewelry store in southeastern Michigan. Over the next few years, he immersed himself in various roles with both retail and manufacturing jewelers, gaining invaluable experience.

At 18, Matthew took a bold step and opened his own retail space within a hair salon, where he designed and repaired jewelry for patrons three days a week. Furthering his education, he attended the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California, graduating as a distinguished Graduate Gemologist in 1992. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue appraisal studies with the International Society of Appraisers, delving into appraisal writing, law, and ethics.

His expertise caught the eye of a high-end retail jewelry store in Stamford, Connecticut, where he joined as an assistant appraiser and designer. Quickly rising through the ranks, Matthew was soon promoted to chief appraiser and head designer within four months. After solidifying his experience in Connecticut, he returned to Michigan, taking on a pivotal role at a local high-end jewelry store. There, he oversaw the entire appraisal and design departments, managing a team of three appraisers and twelve jewelers.

With the birth of his first son came a new chapter. In 1995, Matthew embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding MHG Jewelry Studio in Berkley, Michigan. In his studio, he passionately designs and repairs jewelry, alongside his dedicated team of assistants.

Beyond his craft, Matthew finds joy in mentoring apprentices, delivering lectures to students across the US and Mexico, organizing international tours to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, and indulging in Urban Sketching. His mantra, "You cannot take your skills with you when you die unless you pass them onto someone else," reflects his commitment to sharing knowledge and nurturing talent within the industry.

Studio Hours:
Thursday 2:00ish- 8:00ish
Friday and Saturday 10:30ish - 5:00ish
Sunday to rest,
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to work on your jewelry

2689 Coolidge Highway
Berkley, Michigan