2 spots left for February 11 to 18 ,   February 25 to March 3 is sold out!

February 2024 

International Tour: Mexican Jewelry experience and more

(San Miguel de Allende)

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into the Mexican culture.  The Tour will be focused on seeing the cities of San Miguel De Allende,  Guanajuato,  Dolores Hidalgo,  and much more.  Also the trip includes a 2 hour workshop of Matthew’s innovative techniques for jewelry design. Whether you are looking to take your jewelry making to the next level or just try something new, Matthew will be your personal guide through the sketching, designing, and creating process. With many years of knowledge and experience, Matthew will show you how to incorporate the beauty of your surroundings, whether it is the local plant life, or architecture to inspire you. The first trip February 2023 was an amazing success!  The dates of the 2024 tours are February 11 to February 18 or February 25 to March 3.  

All the details, cost, and Airbnb information are at the bottom of this page.  

February 2024  Itinerary:

Sunday February 11 / Day 1: We leave Detroit at 6:30a and fly to Mexico where we arrive at 1p. Eduardo, our private driver, will pick up everyone from any of three local airports.  We will meet in the center of town in the evening at El Jardin (the Garden) and have dinner at one of its courtyard garden restaurants. After dinner, we will take a stroll around the historic city and enjoy the sounds of Mariachi bands.

Monday February 12 / Day 2: We will meet at El Jardin for Breakfast. We will start the day with a 4-hour walking tour and lunch of historical downtown San Miguel De Allende with our private tour guide Horacio. The sidewalks and streets are cobblestone, so please bring good walking shoes and a walking stick. After the tour, we will take a siesta because we are all old. Then we will meet at El Jardin and have dinner.  

Tuesday February 13/ Day 3: We will meet at El Jardin for breakfast. Then, we will walk to the Galleria San Francisco and meet Rhoda Draws (yes, that is her real legal name.) She will give us a lesson on urban street drawing and take us to inspiring places to draw the amazing architecture of San Miguel. We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant, and then it is siesta time!  After our siesta, I will give an option hands on workshop at the Institute Allende on how I design inspiring jewelry.  Then we will all meet for dinner at an amazing restaurant.  After dinner we are on our own to explore the sights.

Wednesday February 14 / Day 4: Breakfast is on your own this morning, I recommend walking down to the market for fresh fruit, coffee, and some of the local delicious Arroz Con Leche (mexican rice oatmeal.)   At 9:00 am we will meet at El Jardin and head out with Horacio our tour guide to Cañada de la Virgen the Pyramid Temples in San Miguel De Allende to explore the ruins and learn about the history of the area.  We will arrive back at 1:00 and you are on you  for lunch and you siesta time,  The we will meet at 5:00 at the Teatro Santa Ana to listen and watch an amazing Classical Guitar player named Miguel.  After the show we will meet at El Jardin and have Dinner. 

Thursday February 15 / Day 5:   Have breakfast on your own early,  then we will meet at El Jardin at 8:45 am and head out with Horacio to Guanajuato. This is where silver was first discovered in Mexico. It is also the birthplace of the artist Diego Rivera. We will also see the Guanajuato mummies. It is an amazing city that has a European ambiance.  In Guanajuato we will also be getting a behind the scenes look a Mexican Jewelry workshop where they make handmade jewelry that is inspired by Mexican Rosaries.    We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant.  We will get back late in the day so you will be on your own for dinner.   Then, we will make our way to the Teatro Angela Peralta to watch a Mexican Flamenco show (which is different than a Spanish Flamenco show.)

Friday February 16 / Day 6: JEWELRY DAY! In the morning, we will meet at El Jardin for breakfast followed by a walking tour of the local jewelers and the Arte Instituto. Then we will make our way to a local Jewelers home where we will have traditional Mexican lunch and learn how he makes classic  Mexican braided leather bracelets that you will take home.  Then it is siesta time again!  At 6:00 we will go to the home of Bill and Howard for a before dinner party.  Bill and Howard moved to San Miguel De Allende after they retired in the US. Their home is like a museum and they love to give tours of the property. They are both amazing individuals who have given so much to the people of San Miguel.  After Bill and Howards we will go to dinner at an amazing restaurant in the center of town. It will be a terrific evening.

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Saturday February 17 / Day 7: We are meeting at El Jardin for breakfast. Then the group will disband so you can explore, shop, and have lunch on your own. Then we will meet again at El Jardin for dinner. After dinner, we will have a few drinks and sing with the Mariachi bands- a great ending to our fabulous journey.

Sunday February 18 / Day 8: Eduardo will drive everyone to the airport and
then we will fly home.

The tour will not include Airfare.  The  airport is Querétaro Intercontinental Airport (QRO).  The airfare cost is typically $700 USD from most cities in the United States.  Dallas, Texas is the exception because most flights stop in Dallas and then go directly to one of the two airports close to San Miguel.  The tour will not include the hotel or Airbnb.  A list of local Airbnb's that I recommend based on your needs will be available as we get closer to the tour date.   The cost of the Airbnb's are from $35 USD  to $175 USD per night.  The tour will not include travel insurance so when you buy your Airfare ticket check YES when asked "do you want to buy insurance".  If you have an accident in Mexico your health insurance in the United State of America will not pay for those services.  Everyone MUST have trip insurance.  there are two companies I have used in the past see the link at the bottom of this page.  Not all the meals are included with the tour. The meals that we have as a group will be included on designated days so we are not struggling to divide a bill by 12 people :).   The cost of the trip will include Ground transportation to and from the airport, the daily tours, transportations for the tours, admission to the museums, the group classes, and one week of sunshine!

What is included:

Sunday: Pickup from QRO airport to your Airbnb and *Dinner

Monday: Breakfast, Walking tour of San Miguel, *Lunch and *Dinner

Tuesday: Breakfast, Rhoda Drawing class, *Lunch and *Dinner

Wednesday: Pyramid tour and transportation, Guitar concert and *Dinner

Thursday: Guanajuato and transportation, Mummies Museum, *Lunch and Flamenco Show

Friday: Breakfast, Behind the scenes jewelry tour and class, *Lunch and *Dinner

Saturday: Breakfast, Shopping tour, and *Dinner

Sunday: Ride to QRO airport from your Airbnb

*Alcohol drinks not included, but are available. 

$1,230.00 per person before December 31, 2023 / $1,430.00 after January 1,  2024 
The itinerary many change depending if you choose February 11 to February 18 or February 25 to March 3 but all will be included. 

An option extra 4 days to Mexico City is available for an additional cost.  We will visit the Teotihuacan Pyramid, the Anthropology museum, catch a Lucha Libre wrestling show, and do the hop on hop off bus tour.  

What is NOT included:   

Airfare:  Airfare to and from San Miguel De Allende not included  The airport is Querétaro Intercontinental Airport (QRO).  The airfare cost is typically $700 USD from most cities in the United States. Dallas. 

Accommodations:  The tour will not include the hotel or Airbnb.  Scroll down to see the list of local Airbnb's that I recommend.  If you find a different one and need to get my opinion please email me the link.    The cost of the Airbnb's are from $35 USD to $175 USD per night. 

Insurance:  The tour will not include travel insurance so when you buy your Airfare ticket check YES when asked "do you want to buy insurance". If you have an accident in Mexico your health insurance in the United State of America will not pay for those services. Everyone MUST show proof of  have trip insurance.  These are two companies I have used in the past. https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com  and https://www.travelguard.com

Some Meals:  Not all the meals are included with the tour. The meals that we have as a group will be included on designated days so we are not struggling to divide a bill by 12 people :).   

These are Airbnb's that I have stayed at or visited in San Miguel De Allende, they have a clean bed, hot water, and are most not fancy. I look at a room as a place to sleep and not to spend to much time. I like to be close to the center but not to close that it keeps me up at night. I like simple, easy relaxing spots.  Some have a good views and some don't. I stayed in Bedroom 9 with balcony and Central room with balcony overlooking the parish. These two rooms are across the street from the Library and are very quiet after 10 pm. I also stayed at Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende which is five steps away from Jesus the jeweler we will visit on our tour. Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende is good for a small family or two people that don't mind sharing a bathroom, its not a fancy place but it works. I'm staying at the Hummingbird Property for the first time in 2024 because it seems like it will work for groups.   If you are looking for a fancy place the Rosewood is the hotel for you! Scroll down to see the list of Airbnb's.   I am constantly researching different options and updating the Airbnb list.  If you are interested in going on the Mexico trip please keep in mind Airbnb book up quickly in February because of the international writer convention in San Miguel each year.  

Near Juarez Park: I'm will be staying at this property in February 2024

Hummingbird House:   

Hummingbird House with Terrace 3:  $35 per night

Hummingbird House 1:  $35 per night


Hummingbird house with balcony and terrace 6:  $35 per night

Hummingbirds 6 central with balcony:  $35 per night


Casa los hummingbirds terrace overlooking 4:  $35 per night

Hotel Colibries 7  hummingbirds:  $35 per night


Colonial Hotel 2  hummingbirds:  $35 per night


close to the Hummingbird:  

2 bedroom, 3 beds, 1 bathroom :$130 per night


Casa Galerías: 2 bedroom, 2 beds, 1.5 bathrooms $110 per night


across from theater at the library:   These apartments are good, clean, hot water, and inexpensive. Its not the Hyatt.

Bedroom 9 with balcony: $35 per night


Central room 3 blocks from the parish church:  $35 per night

Central room with balcony overlooking the parish:  $35 per night

across from theater at the library: 

CASA RELOX:  near the library 2 bedroom, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms. very nice place to stay. ($160 per night)


Casa Pandurata: near the library 1 bedroom, 2 queen beds, 1 bathroom  $105 per night 


around block from library:  I have not visited these apartments but they are the same owner as the previous ones I stayed in. 
Casa Amore Mio 2 blocks from downtown

Casa Amor Mio 5 1 block from downtown

Villa, in Main Downtown (2 bedrooms, 1 king size, 1 queen size,  2 full bathrooms apartment, with kitchen, living and dining room.  (Two women from a previous trip stayed here, this is a very nice place in the center of the downtown $130 per night)


Farther out:

Villa 4 San Miguel de Allende: Two bedroom, kitchen, living room close to the Institute Allende about a five minute walk from center of the city. (Its not fancy more of a traditional Mexican home. $80 per night)


Rosewood Hotel (very nice very expensive five minute walk)


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