Amazing Hands-on Jewelry Design Workshop experience 

This is an amazing way to get together with your friends and family to immerse yourself in the secret art of jewelry design. You will be learning Matthew’s innovative techniques for jewelry design. Whether you are looking to expand your horizons and try something new, or you want to take your jewelry making to the next level, Matthew will be your personal guide through the sketching, designing, and creating process. With many years of knowledge and experience, Matthew will show you how to incorporate the beauty of your surroundings, whether it is the local plant life, or architecture to inspire you.

-This workshop will give you a new approach to jewelry design problem solving which also applies to many other areas such as architecture, clothing design, and more .

-You will be guided through a series of step by step exploration exercises and discover a unique technique for design problem solving.

-Opportunity to work, hands on, with shapes and designs.
-Learn how to develop and enhance simple shapes into designs.
-Understand how certain design forms have evolved through time.

-Where you begin will evolve into an unexpected design solution by class end.
-Come with an open mind and be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone for a minute.

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Who is this workshop good for? 

A: Any age is great for this workshop.  I have done these workshops in art classes in schools, brought this workshop to private homes for intimate parties with friends.  I have presented this workshop for large organizations.  This workshop is also great art therapy to relax the soul. 

Q: Can I invite more than 4 people?  

A:  Yes I have done this workshop with 4 to 25 people. The more people, the more synergy happens.

Q:  What do I need to bring?  

A:  You need to bring an open mind! 

Q:  Can we have alcohol at the party? 

A:  Yes, Its your party!

Q: Are you avaible to present at our University Art class?

A: Yes I have given this Design workshop at many Universities and Art centers.

Q:  I don't make jewelry so how will this help me? 

A:These techniques apply to all forms of design.  Many of my past students were Clothing designers, Architects, and industrial designers.  I have also given the workshop to groups of people with zero knowledge of jewelry but just want to have fun and learn something new.    

Q: Can my children come to the workshop? 

A: Yes, anyone over the age of 13 should love the workshop.  if you want to bring younger ones than an adult needs to be with them.  I also do not charge for anyone ages 12-18. I want to be able to give young adults an opportunity to learn about design without cost being a factor.  

Q: How do I book an event?

A: To book & secure your private event,  click the link below and send me a message with your name, email and date you would like to book the workshop on.  Then click the link below to make a minimum donation of $25 per person to the Go Fund Me for the Family in San Miguel De Allende Mexico, and when I get the notification you are all set and booked!  For Universities and Art centers please contact me and we will arrange the lecture. 

I hosted a "jewelry workshop party" with Matthew and had so much fun!  -Julie R.

I attended one of Matthews workshops and I learned so much more than I expected!  I've been designing and making Pottery for years and the techniques I learned were mind blowing!!  - Brenda G.  

This workshop enabled me to think about and learn more about design concepts - which apply to jewelry and other art forms. Matthew is very enthusiastic, well prepared, and answers all questions.  - Carl M. 

I was fortunate enough to take Matthew’s jewelry design coarse. I was immediately impressed by Matthew’s enthusiasm and charismatic personality. He is an incredible teacher and progressively takes you through steps to help break through your creative barriers. His course not only gave me the creative tools to make better jewelry designs, but more importantly the framework can be applied to any creative endeavor, which is priceless. I highly recommend his course. - Kaj S.

Thank you for providing such an excellent workshop. Each artist was so glad, you taught us so much, especially about how to make our designing flow with a step by step process. -  Lynne W.

Matthew,  thank you for teaching me the skills that got my creative juices flowing. Skills that inspired me to think and explore. I look forward to taking another incredible workshop in the near future. -Michelle D. 

I graduated with a Masters Degree in fine art, and the techniques you taught us are more useful in my daily designing than the things I learned  going to the university. Thank you for your wisdom. - Julien K. 

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